Nitza: The Israel Center for Maternal Health


Nitza     Nitza  is the center for maternal health.  It is The Jerusalem Postpartum Support Network.  

read more below, but first the contact info:

Nitza:  02 570 4036, or from out of Israel  011 972 2 570 4036

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Ahava Winston, Director and Founder, and Staff at Nitza are there to give professional support to spouses and the mother and the children and more.

In Israel?  In Jerusalem or surroundings?  Anywhere in Israel?  Contact Nitza for help for postpartum depression and other family related problems due to postpartum.  Women are coming to Nitza and some programs include their children coming, some programs include husbands coming to classes, some programs include Nitza trained volunteers and professionals coming to the homes of the Nitza clients!!!!!!  Every imaginable thing is going on to help the mothers in need.  There are massage therapists and nutritionists at the Nitza office giving one on one therapy and advice to each mother.  There are classes for the volunteers.  There are classes for the mothers.  So much more!!!!!  See below!!!


Nitza runs by donations from your generosity.  They are located in Jerusalem and offer services to all women and their families in Israel.  Ahava Winston and the Nitza Staff have professional evaluation and counseling to assist depression due to prenatal and postpartum events.  Nitza is one organization that makes a difference and has dedicated itself to offering worthwhile help to the community of Jews for many years.

When you are thinking about what to do with your charity funds, Nitza would be a worthy charity to donate to.  Here are their particulars!!! Read and open your heart to contribute money, please and may God bless you with success!



NITZA, established in Israel in 1997, provides life saving treatment and support for mothers and their families suffering Pre/Postpartum Depression, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Psychosis and Mania.  Over the years NITZA has brought thousands to recovery. We have saved many from divorce, suicide, and even infanticide. Recently, within two weeks, we received 62 new pleas for treatment, with many more having come in since. Currently we are helping hundreds of women and their families, the majority of whom are also battling poverty.


We provide intervention and support via expert psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, alternative practitioners, gynecologists, occupational therapists, other relevant health care professionals, as well as highly trained volunteers. Our therapies include CBT Therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, Psycho-dynamic Therapy, Art Therapy, EFT Therapy, Alternative Therapy, Marital Counseling, Psychiatric Care, and individual therapy for husbands of clients.


I would like to present to you a very special program, NITZA’s Postpartum Depression Group Therapy for Low Income, Multi-Risk Mothers and Their Children, which is now completing its third successful year with amazing results. It is based on a group intervention model designed for multi-risk parents, which has been tailored to our multi-risk, prenatal and postpartum mothers and their children. This child-parent psychotherapy program was created to prevent inter-generational transmission of trauma, to break the cycle of dysfunction for current and future generations. NITZA employs specially trained therapists in the field of parent-child relations.  The program is supervised by a highly qualified therapist who has specialized in this field.


Multi-risk refers to past and current factors, including our clients’ pre/postpartum illness, which interfere with their ability to nurture and parent, placing their children at risk for neglect, abuse and dysfunctional behavior.  These mothers grew up themselves in dysfunctional homes with emotional, physical, sexual abuse, and neglect; some were even abandoned and as such, have significant difficulty with relationships, communication, attachment, trust, and intimacy. All are going through financial struggles, and a general feeling of isolation. The longer each woman and her family remains untreated the more complex the dysfunction becomes for her, the children and her marriage. According to statistics, if left untreated these children will almost certainly become depressed and dysfunctional adults.


The following assessment was written by a therapist from one of our therapy groups.


The majority of the children joined these groups with significant developmental delays. At an age where they should have been crawling and starting to stand, some could not even roll over.  Several babies would not even reach for a toy that was held within reach, and showed no interest in their surroundings.  This was clearly due to their spending too much time in the stroller or crib, not having enough floor time, and not being adequately stimulated by their caregivers.  Following a few months in therapy, each baby has shown progress, and reached subsequent developmental milestones.    


Gaps in the children’s emotional development were evident from the start, especially in regard to their primary attachments. Many of the children would go to anyone, and not even specifically seek out their mothers.  They would not reference their mothers when proximity decreased.  Most of the babies had a sad affect, and one child never smiled.  The mothers would place their children on the carpet, and barely interact with them.  They often ignored or misinterpreted their child’s cues.  Some mothers appeared to not hear their own child’s cry.  In contrast, there was one mother who used her child to handle her own anxiety; when she was anxious she would not put her child down to play or let anyone else pick her up.  


The gains in this respect have been remarkable.  Mothers and children are referencing each other significantly more and maintaining eye contact.  The women are playing more with their children, and are enjoying their interactions.  The baby that did not smile or look at her mother, now giggles and runs to her from across the room.  The baby that did not move now crawls and pulls toys off the shelves.  The boy that felt he had to be perfect learned that it is ok to express anger.  The girl that constantly hurt the other children is learning to use her words to express her emotions, and to ask for help instead of resorting to her fists.   The children are also more bonded with each other, and have moved from individual and parallel play towards mutual interactions.  The women also feel a connection to the other women’s children and step in to care for them.  


The cost of this special program is $35,000.  In order for it to open for its fourth year in September, we must inform the therapists of our intent to renew or we will lose this vital opportunity which would be a great tragedy.   I turn to you with a heartfelt request for you to adopt this very unique and crucial program thereby saving current and future generations.  As you have just read, NITZA’s Postpartum Depression Group Therapy for Low Income, Multi-Risk Mothers and Their Children is a chance at life.  Families have completely turned around and been saved because of it. Were the therapy program not to be renewed, I shudder to think of the consequences, G-d forbid.


For the past years we’ve been able to run this program in the merit of a foundation whose policy is to help only for one year. However, because they so valued NITZA’s work they sponsored it a couple of years beyond their usual policy, but their sponsorship has now ended. Would you be willing to carry these dysfunctional families into recovery and health? Your helping to save The Multi-risk Mother-Child Group Therapy may be the most important life-saving gift these families will ever receive, changing their lives now and forever.  


I would greatly appreciate hearing back from you as soon as possible. If you are willing to help save this program we will then be able to inform the therapists and begin interviewing the mothers for this year’s program.


With tremendous gratitude and warm regards,

P.S. For a US tax receipt, donations are made payable to ‘Central Fund of Israel’ and mailed to:  Mr. Arthur Marcus, Marcus Textiles; 980 Sixth Avenue, 3rd Floor; New York, NY  10018  Please indicate in the memo section “for NITZA”.

For wiring:

HSBC Bank USA, National Association

250 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10177

For the Account of:  The Central Fund of Israel

ABA Bank Routing #: 021001088

CFI Account #: 006109616

Please indicate “For NITZA”

Swift Code (International Wires): MRMDUS33

For an Israeli tax receipt please make check payable to NITZA and mail to NITZA, P.O. Box 292, Telzstone, Harei Yehuda, 90838  Israel

Reach them by the phone

Nitza:  02 570 4036, or from out of Israel  011 972 2 570 4036

email contact

Ahava Winston, Director and Founder, and Staff at Nitza are there to give professional support to spouses and the mother and the children and more.



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