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How? By Honoring God, the One and only!  whatever your religious belief or unaffiliated ideals are, Christian, Hindu, Moslem, etc -——click here  for recipes & healing tips  for loving life, one dish at a time via the Noahide laws

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P1010031 Vendyl Jones with The Lubavitch Rebbe

Enjoying Alcohol drinks—Open the Eyes

Enjoying alcohol drinks—open your eyes—alcohlism is something that has to do with drinking alcohol. If one drinks weekly as a habit, that is alcoholism. If one drinks and gets high weekly that is alcoholisms. If one drinks and gets drunk once a month, that is alcoholism. And there are solutions that require the Twelve Steps and tying yourself to a higher force, God, in order to give it all to Him.

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Noahide Law: create a system of laws

Noahide law: Create a court system
There is the Noahide law about setting up laws that a court will oversee. This is a justice system that is not as documented as the Five Books of Moses. As we know for thousands of years Jews have laws and written commentary of the laws, as well as daily study of these laws by thousands of rabbinical scholars daily.

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Conversations with Noahides

JIM LONG has graced us with a marvellous video all about his experience as a Noahide, his wisdom about Noahide Laws and his understanding of the Noahide population currently. is blessed with Jim’s years of video production as well as his personal life as a Noahide gentile. His generous way of giving to the public his wisdom and sharing the happy and successful details of being a gentile keeping the Torah’s seven universal laws fills the video.

Let the video enlighten you and give you a great lease on life!!! And share the video with friends and others. We are in store for a better world order any minute and this video is part of that universal improvement. And you can participate and join the band wagon of successful people keeping the Seven universal laws.

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