Great Women Clothing in Israel @ Irene Fashion Import

Many stores in Israel are terrific.  Here is one more: Irene Fashion import in Gan Ha Ir in Tel Aviv

as well as in Mamilla-Jerusalem   for Dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, vests and creative funky skirts and tops, as well as silk handsome summer pull-overs!!! vests and tops and other garments–

For example, I bought a vest for spring and summer: gorgeous material, stunning quality, lace type design with creative style.  I wore this yellow vest today and never got so many compliments for months from my clothing–and my husband really was so happy to see me dressed so beautifully and really took me to the side to say how pleased he was by my pretty clothing.  Okay, now for you to shop there, ladies!   The prices are not cheap, but the original styles and high quality make the garments sensibly priced, but, no, not bargain basement.


Whiten the Teeth

My dentist Dr.  Hana Jotkowitz in Jerusalem offered me Opalescence Teeth Whitening Systems to whiten my teeth.  I used it and found it was very good.  Years ago my dentist was Dr. Ari Greenspan, in Jerusalem, who had me use this same system.  Both dentists are highly professional, so if they recommend it, I mention it to you here in  See the you tube about the system from the company and then from some dentist that goes over how to instructions for you.  You might then want to ask your dentist to let you have this whitening system to make your teeth whiter for years.  Around the world dentists can offer this, not just in Israel.  Are you in U.S.A.?  So ask you dentist there.

teeth whitening

whiten the teeth

teeth whitening system


Bible Codes

I told you about Arachim/Discovery Seminars and in  Let me mention these seminars are based on Torah Codes.  In 1930’s Rabbi Dov Ber Weissmandl wrote about these codes.

I was telling you some things about the codes, the remarkableness of the Hebrew letters.

But there is much more I did not describe to you.  Rabbi Weissmandl (see biography of Rabbi D.B. Weissmandl called Undeeded Cry, book in Eichler’s book store) knew all of Torah by heart.  So as a huge genius, he figured out that every 50 letters in a section in the Five Books of Moses, put together a certain code/message.

Over and over he did this to come up with messages and names that were like prophetic.  If the letters were put together and the context of the paragraphs were read, there were messages!  The seminar you take (hoping you will sign up and take a Discovery Seminar via  should be very full of energetic alive speakers, who are Rabbis with love of these codes and Jewish history and prayer.  So you will like it.

     When Dr. Inbal (who was one of the innovators of Arachim (which morphed into the English speaker’s Discovery Seminars)  and other scientists saw the workings of the alphabet in the Five Books of Moses (Chumash), and learned about Rabbi Weissmandl’s information, they set up computers.  Listen to what they did.  They took Shakespeare and took a play and checked every 50th letter everywhere looking for patterns or sensible messages.  Nothing but babel and jibberish came up.  They did this with many languages that have their classic literature.

     They again counted from the beginning of the Chumash, the first letter is a word with a Beit (b).  They counted 50 letters after that and did other tests like 25 letters after and 100 letters after.  Then they wrote the every 50th letters  for the book of Numbers, or for the book of Genesis, and checked their finding,   It just was not jibberish.  All this is the half story.  Because in short many many scientists saw the order of the Chumash and its Hebrew letters and saw the letters with their ‘conscousness’ and they were Jews, many not keeping Sabbath.  Yet the apparent mind behind the Chumash was obvious.

You can take a pot with ink and throw it on a white tablecloth.  It will look like blobs of ink.  Do you think if you did it one million times that finally a tablecloth would have a great Picasso painting in ink be formed?  Do you think it would become a book like War and Peace by Tolstoy?  Nope.   But what if when you take a pot full of letters and throw them in a typewriter, the next day a composition by Shakespeare appears?  Could it happen? Nope.

Now what if you decided to write a great play, would you be so smart to have every 10th letter have a message and every 20th letter, and 50th letter?  Could you do that?  Maybe.  But what if the play is by Shakespeare and you see no messages and then other literature in other languages, no messages, yet in Hebrew for the Torah, messages constantly…So if you take bunches of letters and decide to find meaning in every 50th letter or 150 letter, what if it has meaning in Hebrew written Chumash but no meaning in every other language, what can that mean?

                                        What can it mean? What can it mean? What can it mean? 

It means there is something thoughtful and conscious and planned by the formation of the 600,000 or so letters in the Chumash.  And these scientists know that with probability, no such result can occur by ‘chance’.  So if this order is impossible then there is no chance it can be, yet is true the Chumash is the impossible happening, outside of the possible, so what explains this?

     God, the Creator, conscious and full of thought, made this Chumash…He wrote it.  It is holy and the words are by Him.  This  result boggled the scientists.  Those not keeping Sabbath became closer to Judaism.  Afterall, what is Torah: it tell us to keep Sabbath and to not kill and to wear tefillin.  But the Torah (five books) does not tell you what are tefillin, so the Orthodox Jewish rabbis have been studying how to wear tefillin and how to keep the many details of Sabbath in the Oral Law–

    In Discovery Seminar speakers explain this Oral Law.  The speakers are usually Rabbis and here is what they explain.  Imagine you are in a school classroom during class.  You listen to the teacher and take notes.

    Then class is over and you go home and review your notes.  Then you get a call from a friend:”Hi, I missed class, could I borrow you notes?”

     You say yes and scan them and email it to her/him.

     In the Discovery Seminar the speakers asks the audience: Did the notes cover everything in class?


    Everything in class was on the blackboard and then orally spoken by the teacher.  There was a lot going on. So then what else is there besides notes?  The oral information and the blackboards.

    So it was at Mt. Sinai.  God spoke to Moses and gave him the Torah and much more was transmitted by God to Moses–this is the Oral Tradition, which is just as vital as the written!  There is no teacher who says, What you wrote in your notes, I will test you and the rest I said that you happened not to get on paper in your notes you can forget.

     Stunning.  See the truth in this?

    Gemarra is now much of the Oral Torah–vital to the written Chumash.

    More another time- love, Chana Tova

Love Kindness: Ahavas Chesed

Olive press at Chai Farms, Mevo Modiim, Israel

Olive press at Chai Farms, Mevo Modiim, Israel

After Passover/Pesach is the season to think about loving kindness.  It is the time for Jews to remember that there have been times in the history of Jews when Jew disliked Jew, fought or pained other Jews.  So in his saintly way the Chofetz Chaim wrote many books to get Jews to have books to explain how NOT to hate other Jews, how NOT to cheat or pain other Jews.  One of these many books is Ahavas Chesed.  Another is Chofetz Chaim.  Another is Shmiras Haloshon.  Below is a sweet tale of one of the book:  Ahavas Chesed’s messages.  Shalom Money is the title.

The sefer: Ahavas Chesed has the full scope of peace money explained.  It is another sefer, besides the very famous Chofetz Chaim boo/sefer, by the Chofetz Chaim (pen name of Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan.  In this sefer, Ahavas Chesed (Hebrew title meaning Love of Kindness) the author explains, take an envelope and put money inside it and put it aside.  When an occasion arises, say, two fighting parties argue and the issue can be ironed out with money, then take out that money.  It is there in the envelope and that is ONLY what it is for.  So it is easy and won’t hurt the budget or seem expensive, as it is money that was only for this purpose.

Use the money to give to the party that should be paid and give it to that party to get peace. 

EXAMPLE: Mr. Weber, our neighbor, was on our front lawn.  It was a Shabos and the boys on the block were feuding, starting to get physical.  There were boys yelling until their faces turned red and some pushing and one tiny boy was getting shoved and Mr. Weber came over.  He got all the sides of the story. Ahavas Chesed by Chofetz Chaim (purchase on Amazon or by Eichlers)

One expensive baseball bat was missing and someone stole it or hid it or who knows what.  The boys thought they knew which one of the group did it and the fight was really getting big.  Mr. Weber got everyone to explain what they had to say.  Even after hearing all the side, there was no way to find the truth, so Mr. Weber asked: How much was the bat worth.  Someone bought it, so that young boy said seven dollars (this is a story from 1990).  Mr. Weber said he would pay and take the boy to a place to get another bat sometime.  All this was done without violating Shabos or saying ‘I will pay you 7 dollars.  I will drive you to Toys R Us on Sunday.’  The whole story became a legend in my memory, because I too had Ahavas Chesed shalom money in an envelope and now I was learning how to do this great mitzvah better than I had done it in the past.

A decade later I was near a neighbor’s bushy overgrown shrub to get a ball that rolled into it.  First I got the ball.  But while I pushed my hands through the bush, I also found a dusty stick or something.  I took it out.  It was a decomposed wooden bat.  Years of snow and rain in N.Y. weather destroyed that once new bat, which was the famous lost or hidden bat to cause all the fighting.

What happened?  Did one of the boys hide it there and never retrieve it?   Mr. Weber had taken one boy all the way to a toy store to buy a new bat soon after that Shabos, so no one cared about the lost (?) bat and each week after that incident, boys played together with minimum of fighting, some feuds, but never to that extent again.  The Shalom money and the driving to the store, as well, meant the busy parents of the boy (who owned the bat) did not have to drive to get the bat at a store.  So much peace came from Mr. Weber making Ahavas Chesed alive.

From Mrs. Sokol

Kabbalah–Arizal and Reb Chaim’s Soul of Life

photograph by Meir Simcha Sokol, may his soul have an aliyah-   Sky in Europe

photograph by Meir Simcha Sokol, may his soul have an aliyah- Sky in Europe


Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, known as the Arizal Hakodesh, is part of the basic foundation of what we call in modern lingo Kabbalah.

One book that describes much of the Arizal’s thinking is Soul of Life, (Hebrew: Nefesh HaChaim).  The author is Reb Chaim of Volozhin.  A new book in English which is authentically the translation of Nefesh HaChaim is The Soul of Life, The Complete Neffesh Ha-Chayyim, translated by Eliezer Lipa (Leonard) Moskowitz.  2012,  New Davar Publications, Teaneck, N.J., distributed by

Because the English translation reads so fluidly, it is a great source book to recommend to everyone.  The life of the book is really the pulse of authentic Orthodox Judaism.  Whereby we pray seriously and know our prayers written by the Great Sanhedrin and that they are to be directed to the Great Creator of the Universe.  Whereby we also keep all the 613 Torah commandments with scrupulous care.   This is a thrust of Reb Chayyim (Chaim) of Volozhin.   The other part of the basic foundation of what we call Kabbalah includes the Zohar.  This, too, is quoted extensively in the book being reviewed here: The Complete Neffesh Ha-Chayyim.

Quote: “…a fundamental principle of Rav Chayyim’s worldview, and of the other sages who subscribe to the Kabbalah of the Ariza”l…” …is that God’s purpose for Man in this world is …”to heal the world, to repair what is broken via the thought-acts, speech-acts and physical-acts defined in the Torah, to ultimately bring the world to wholeness and perfection–meaning the awareness of God’s one-ness and adherence to and enactment of His will, as expressed in Torah…rectification…that achieves TEE-KOON (Hebrew for repair).” Page 253 of Neffesh Ha-Chayyim (Nefesh HaChaim).  So here we have in a nutshell that teekoon, repair/rectification is the main thrust in our lives.  And this book by Rav Chayyim/Chaim in this book review gives us all the tools to do much of the repair!  A handbook for repair of the world!!! in a 600 page book!  All it takes is to study this book!  But the book has tasks for us to do: 1. to study Torah daily and deeply, 2. to keep all the 613 mitzvos/commandments of the Torah scrupulously.  3. and other tasks.

The power of the Jew in doing good or (God forbid) not good has huge effects on the universe.  “The wise man who understands the veracity of this, his heart/mind will shiver within him with fear and trembling when he regards his no-good actions (heaven forefend), when they arrive to ruin and destroy with a minor sin (heaven forefend) much more than Nebuchadnezzar and Titus (who were the generals in charge of the armies that destroyed the first and second Holy Temples respectively.)” page 52 of Neffesh Ha-Chayyim.

It is important to see unadulterated Kabbala and you can find it in this book.  It goes by chapters and if you have the original Hebrew text of Neffesh Ha-Chayyim you can see that the chapters are the same with the translation not word for word, but the meaning so exact and careful in translation.  In this way you can use the Hebrew original, if your Hebrew is up to snuff, and have the translation by Moskowitz enhance your understanding.

I will not review the many ideas in the book as they are mighty and powerful and in need of much explanation, so a short book review is not the place to do surgery on kabbalah.  I hope you investigate these ideas above and read the book and then apply it to your life.

As we always write in, a Jew keeps the 613 commandments of the Torah and a non-Jew has the responsibility to keep the 7 commandments in the Torah for Noahide gentiles.  This is not chance stuff, nor is it choice.  For Jews is it not our history for thousands of years that proves adherence to the Torah is our life and the whole meaning of existence?  Can a Jew hang around in bars on a Saturday afternoon, watching a movie and smoking a cigarette?  Never.  So the Jew is really one and the same with Torah.  And can a non-Jew be ignorant of the 7 Noahide laws and feel that is just a o k?  Nope.  Noahide laws:  please learn them and be surprised that they are about respecting Jewish Orthodox Rabbis and their Torah.  No room for anti-semitism and no room for other religions.  This sounds so intolerant, but in the larger picture it is the blueprint for world unity and peace–yes, indeed.


photo by Meir Simcha Sokol, may his soul have an alliyah. title:Europe's sky

photo by Meir Simcha Sokol, may his soul have an alliyah. title:Europe’s sky





Kabala can refer to: Kabbalah

Pesach/Passover Restaurants

In Jerusalem

Restaurants for Pesach/Passover

Who is Etzioni!
Etzioni Catering has been supplying take away foods for Rosh Hashana and Pesach for more than 15 years. Etzioni Catering offers a traditional European menu. Mehadrin, Kitniyot Free, Non-Gebrochts, Gluten Free, Shmita L’chumra. Delivery thoughout the country for a fee depending on distance. Delivery Thursday April 2.
See the Etzioni Pesach menu and place your order by Motzei Shabbat March 28.

Etzioni Catering

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catering offers a dairy and parve menu for Pesach. Delivery in Jerusalem and throughout the country.
Orders are accepted through Chol Hamoed but if you don’t order early the items that you want may be out of stock. View and print the Devorah Shecter Pesach menu. Circle the items to order, and fax it in.
A Nis 300 voucher is on auction now. Place your bids

View and print the JERUSALEM CUISINE Pesach menu. Circle the items and fax it in. Delivery in Jerusalem and throughout Israel.
Orders are accepted through Chol Hamoed

but if you don’t order early the items that you want may be out of stock. Free delivery for orders above NIS 980.


Dinner Specials in March
Just one more week to enjoy a 15% discount at ETNIKA restaurant with this eLuna coupon. If you know this restaurant you will want to dine at a discount. Etnika Restaurant will be open on Chol Hamoed and will honor eLuna coupons.

Emile Zola…once more by R. L.

The poem below was composed March 2015 by R. L.  see her other poem and her biography  Breathes There a Jew

Emile Zola…once more   by R.L.

Emile Zola, could you please help us once more and accuse

The world of falsely condemning Israelis and Jews;

of finding us guilty of excessive might:

Disregarding our threatened existential plight.

If we weakly and meekly continue to treat

The Moslems and their supporters will go right ahead

with their condemnations and allegations of all

we’ve done evil

Throw our liberties and freedoms into utter upheaval

So help us, Emile Zola, maintain our good reputation,

and live in peace as a people and as a nation.

(Original poem by R.L. March 2015)

Yitzhak Hasson-Violin Lesson In Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, Israel!!!!
Violin Lessons, so make a bee line for a great
opportunity to learn to play the violin!!! please call
Yitzhak Hasson!
Professional Violinist – MA 

Available for violin lessons
Susuki Method
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Children and Adults
References available
Yitzhak Hasson
Violin lessons are his specialty

Faran– Ramon Crater Natural Care


What an amazing product line!  The Baby Oil has lavender and many other gentle and soothing oils and natural ingredients.  You must buy it and use to take off make-up, or lubricate your neck and face and body, or use for massaging muscles after exercise or before bed.  The many other products by FARAN are  on their website for sale–www.FARAN-COSMETICS.COM

Ramon Crater Natural Care products.  972 8 6539333

MITZPE RAMON is near Sde Bokek and not far from Beersheva.  It is a wonder of nature with a crater that is natural,  not from a meteor.  The desert area with the Ramon crater is a canyon type desert landscape with gorgeous beauty and silence and visitor touring center.  Jeep rides are available.  I did this and it was fun and interesting with ADAM giving us the geology lecture on the bottom of the crater.  Stunning to view, to photograph, to sit and ponder the endless wonder of sky and hills and cliffs and desert.