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Videos–topics to give you success in health, body, spirit, mind   enjoy our In-house produced videos and more videos!!!

Recipes— see our free FREE FREE cookbook and get recipes from our in-house video productions–all categories of food

Israel–places for prayer, travel, fun and shopping, what to see in Jerusalem, buying real estate, videos about Jerusalem, children fun stuff in Israel

Grandma’s tipsHealing the Mind and Soul,  Healing the BodyVideos on Healing, Shopping, Music, Travel

Noahide laws– 7 laws for morality that most people do not even keep and please God you will now learn about them and keep them.  And these 7 Holy God-given laws, which RAMBAM lists and we share with you. Hey, embrace the 7 laws to rescue yourself   Questions and Answers on Noahide topics

Judaism–Jewish basics-  Jewish life with authentic God of Moses values, learn about holidays, prayers, spiritual information. Questions and Answers on Jewish things



old synagogue
old synagogue

winery, Israel
winery, Israel

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Joy Club
Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Joy Club


Grandma on the web @ the sea

Grandma’s tips: health, travel & beyond

Olive press at Chai Farms, Mevo Modiim, Israel
Olive press at Chai Farms, Mevo Modiim, Israel

GRANDMA’S Tips: Global Guide for Good 

Healing the Soul and Mind

Healing the Body



Travel From Grandma’s Tips

Reading material: book reviews, stories, essays

Health and Kitchen Tips from Grandma

World guide by Grandma

Wisdom By Grandma

Healing and Health Videos



POISON in our foods

For Jews: Jewish

For Not Jewish people: (yeah, 7 billion people) Noahide Laws

Pet Care (VIDEOS Part I, Part II, Part III Dog Care)

healing: health products
healing: health products


expanded total contents below:

HEALING Superlan-super duper cream  THIS IS THE BEST  topical CREAM FOR SO MANY AILMENTS

TRAVEL     VACATION in Switzerland—Go to AROSA   Grandma’s tip for a Swiss vacation

TRAVEL    Beaches Beaches Beaches Beaches Beaches and Beaches in Israel for Separate swimming!!!!!

TRAVEL   Tomb of King David

Tomb of David, Jerusalem
Tomb of David, Jerusalem

TRAVEL   Tomb of Rachel Our Mother

TRAVEL   Meron, Israel, & Jeeping for ladies

TRAVEL   Jerusalem‘s Western Wall

At bar mitzvah: brother & sister celebrate
At bar mitzvah: brother & sister celebrate

TRAVEL  Jerusalem Biking 

TRAVEL: Abouhav Boutique Winery       Yossi/Yosef ben Galili Gravesite         Sefad/Sfat         Hills of Meron    Rebetzin Chani      Bar Yochai

SOUL & BODY HEALING   Healing From Forgiveness.  Healing from Repentence.  Dr. Jensen’s Story of Healing—a Grandma’s Best Bet Five Star Tip

SOUL HEALING    Computer related addictions: Addictions     Grandma’s tips for your welfare

SOUL HEALING    Jonah and interfacing with basic Noahide Laws—the Jonah Organization

BEST PRODUCT   Deodorant   Suggestion by Grandma

Challahs, braided breads for Sabbath and festivals
Challahs, braided breads for Sabbath and festivals

SABBATH TIP   How to eat a hot meal on Sabbath, but not COOK on Sabbath: The Cholent/chulent and also Shepherd’s Pie

BOOKS: Our Book Reviews–   Grandma’s tips about What’s good to read

BODY HEALING: Ichthamol ointment

BOOKS for you to read  and STORIES here to read: Stories and Book Reviews

BODY HEALING    Eat healthy

GOOD PRODUCTS    Shopping on Aish.com  Aishopping!!!!

PAIN HEALING    Healing Back Pain and Healing any pain

Below  Stories to read to become Happy and Successful

STORY: how to succeed

STORY: worst website ever

STORY : Obese no more ( more than a story—an essay)

Happy Grandma on the web beyondarecipe.com
Happy Grandma on the web beyondarecipe.com

STORY:  My cute kitty picture goes viral—or the opposite—getting serious in life

STORY:  Boston Marathon Massacre —news story

ESSAY: Psalms

ESSAY: Anger

STORIES–More and More Stories, Book REVIEWS and inspiration essays

Story: Giving Giving  (more like an essay  to give you wonderful aspect of giving)



Royal guards daily parade, Denmark, I think
Royal guards daily parade, Denmark, I think


SAFETY walking on ice and in snow  with ICE GRIPPERS


JONAH   for unwanted same sex attraction and Offering Alternative to same sex attraction, opting out on homosexuality, get help when you are being bullied because you say you want to stop being homosexual. This organization Jonah was closed down  12/15 by the court system in U.S.  It is still valuable to read their flyers and ideas.

View Videos at Beyondarecipe.com

Plan your life Franklin Covey Planner


Fire Safety Tips VITAL!!!!!

HOW TO  GET RID OF MIGRAINES AND DEPRESSION with juice extracting program! and Gerson Therapy

TIPS: LEARN ABOUT TOOLS TO GET RID OF Unwanted Same Sex Attraction

Juicing Program that works: Jason Vale!!!! heal skin ailments, lose weight, give yourself energy, remove unhealthy foods and habits from your life–stop smoking, overeating, drinking alcohol, yada yada yada!!!!!

HEALTH:  Super Juice Me video  the way to healthy eating change for those in need of a change

KOSHER FOOD and CATERING in Jerusalem: eat, where to eat, where to buy food, catering

VIDEO The Land of Israel  with Jeremy Gimpel and Rabbi Berel Wein and Ken Spiro, packed with facts to inpire

VIDEOS and BOOK The Truth about Cancer
Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly
(Go here to watch now)

Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils
(Go here to watch now)

Also, as promised, here is your free gift.  
Download it by clicking on the link below:

==>  “Eliminate Cancer’s Favorite Building Block From Your Diet”

VIDEO  The Quest for The Cure–video about IMMUNITY SYSTEM and secrets to good health!!!!

VIDEO  Tips to be a better trumpet player or in general better musician: by the very greatest Trumpet player: Arturo Sandoval




scuba diving in Mexico
scuba diving in Mexico

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NOAHIDE=Recipes for Morality

Vendyl Jones with the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Prof. Jones with The Lubavitcher Rebbe

 your life as a Noahide for success–information below:

Questions & Answers about Noahide laws/seven laws of morality, universal code of laws, moral basics regarding homosexuality

More Noahide info

Video: Rabbi Schwartz

Video: Rabbi Sutton


Noahide/NOACH, Bnei Noah, Bnai Noach, Children of Noah,  Kindness to

Install Morality

More About Noahide laws

Modesty Bathing suits

Unwanted Same Gender Attraction information: Jonah Organization

Homosexuality So Popular and So Accepted that any other viewpoint is undemocratically suffocated –Jonah  Unwanted same sex desires:nonprofit group.

Homosexuality and Noahide morality

the old field in New York
the old field in New York

Noahide and the Court system

Noahide and Do not Curse God

Noahide and Listen to the FIve Books of Moses by God vs. Idol worship

Noahide and Murder prohibition

Why are they called Noahide Laws?

Noahide and Sexual prohibitons including adultery

Children’s reading for Noahides

Granda Sokol with great grandson Nesanal_now that's love
Grandma Bea Sokol with great grandson Nesanal_now that’s love

Can you become a Noahide?

Vegucated  (the video) and Noahide law: do not eat limb of a live animal

Essay: You really disagree with me.

Essays & Audio on Modesty

Lightcatcher: book publishing company with Noahide topics.



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     VIDEO: Jerusalem: Succos (Sukot) Thousands of people converge on the Western Wall. View the sights of the Old City of Jerusalem with music groups and prayer.  Great daytime scenery of the City of Jerusalem!

Inspiring Videos on Torah, Judaism and  Recipes, plus Related Topics, please view and enjoy


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