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ancient Israeli underground spring--by its source of exit

ancient Israeli underground spring–by its source of exit



videos to give you success in health,   & also enjoy our In-house videos produced  by beyondarecipe.com


 see our free  cookbook  from our in-house video beyondarecipe.com productions–all categories of food


places for prayer, travel, fun and shopping, what to see in Jerusalem,  videos about Jerusalem, children fun stuff in Israel, where to eat, where to buy dog food

Grandma’s Healing everything Tips and beyond

Healing the Mind and Soul,  Healing the BodyVideos on Healing, Shopping, Music, Travel, Book reviews, stories & essays & humor

Noahide laws

 7 laws for morality that most people do not even keep and please God you will now learn about them and keep them.  And these 7 Holy God-given laws, which RAMBAM lists and we share with you. Hey, embrace the 7 laws to rescue yourself   Questions and Answers on Noahide topics


Jewish basics  101-  Jewish life with authentic God of Moses values, learn about holidays, prayers, spiritual information. Questions and Answers on Jewish things

OUR MISSION: at beyond a recipe

To give you reading and video material to heal you in every way!     and for free                                                      


Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Joy Club

Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Joy Club


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