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Designer cupcakes—kosher by dessertsbyelka
Designer cupcakes—kosher by dessertsbyelka
challah braiding
challah braiding


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healing: health products
healing: health products

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Meat and Fish meals

Great chicken

Chicken Loaf

Chicken or meatballs by Cheryl Weinstein

The Cholent/chulent (The Sabbath Day meal)(meat dish)

Shepherd Pie (meat dish)

Honeyed Turkey for Rebecca

Fish by Chedva Katz

Tuna salad

My salmon recipe

Summer salad with salmon

Casseroles and Kugels/puddings


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Wheat Grass and Pesto and Juicing

  • About Pesto and soups–Using Cruisanart and Braun Food Processors for our soup and  veggie recipes and pesto and  recipes

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  1. Right you are. Originally I talked to God and told Him I give Him my problem of overeating and overweight, because I am crazy from it and desperate with no clothes to buy my size and family angry with my appearance. 1976.
    From 1966-1976 people were often angry with me, but I just could not control myself.

    Then I gave it to God. I did not know the 12 steps, although i heard about them. Then after that a coincidence happened and my father told me his accountant lost weight from his doctor. I should go to that doctor. It was Dr. Atkins. Say what you want, he was really helpful. I do not mention I had an eating disorder and did not recognize I had one, only defining it in recent years while looking back on my past.

  2. No. Dr. Atkins asked me: why am I overweight?
    I told him, crying a lot in between words, that I ate too much.
    He scolded me, “NO! It is because you eat the wrong foods.”
    In the end I ate large amounts of pastrami with fat (yum) and lost weight, but I had a problem 3 years later. I had stiff knees that swelled up. It was an arthritis condition, but it may have been gout–so i changed diets.

    I went to a holy saint, a mekubal, The Rimnitz Rebbe, who gave me a blessing. I was unable to walk and had great pain.

    Next day, my husband’s friend got on a topic about his knees hurting and how he healed them with macrobiotic diet.

    I then went on that diet and lost another few pounds and after a year the knees were mostly healed.

    What was the thinking that i never regained all the weight?

    I calmed down about food. I spent a lot of time, I noticed, not thinking about food and no agonizing how to avoid being near ice cream. All this was some behavioral shift related to putting it in God’s Hands and having a wise sage bless me.

    Everyone asked me how can I be strong enough to not eat meat or sugar anymore? It was true, that was surprising for me. But I just was positive and calm and concentrated on God giving me direction to keep the body He gave me pure.

  3. Exactly. And then last January 2011 I was reading Rabbi Arush’s Women’s Wisdom and all my many steps for success in being my ideal weight were listed, plus more ideas that I incorporated. And here they are at your feet, waiting for you to become a successful person with no overweight problem.
    Isn’t that what you want?

  4. I recommend you buy Women’s Wisdom and read the chapter about Weight and Speech (Speech and Weight Control). We are talking about faith in God. This is crucial for Jews and non-Jews. God has a framework for living and Rabbi Shalom Arush is one of the leaders in articulating this to us. Another big sage is the Bilvavi Rebbe and read his books: Getting to Know Your Self and its sequel Getting to Know Your Soul.
    Basics include do not lie. Rabbi Arush says lying includes anger. Isn’t that interesting.
    In the Getting to Know…books the essence is that your soul is pure and good and perfect. In this way you really have a body letting its desires take you over. And once you empower yourself to plug into your perfect soul, the thousands of days you dieted and failed do not damage your future success to lose weight. You can succeed, in spite of past failure thousands of times.
    I did not get permission to quote Rabbi Arush. So I depend on you to read his book and get your body to not lie and not be angry, no matter what.

  5. Sure. I also wish to mention ideas from Dr. Robert Atkins and from seeing slim people and watching them and interviewing them helped me. Also I was a member of Weight Watchers for years and got many ideas from their lecturers.
    Ok, I tell myself I am going to bed. I tell my family I am going to bed, because I cannot stand up any longer. On the way I first stop by the sink and wash a few dishes, then make a phone call, then decide to floss my teeth, brush them, finally to bed. I lied to myself. And I lied to my family.
    So Rabbi Arush says one man said that what Rabbi Arush calls a lie, everyone does in the world. Then everyone is lying, asks the man. And Rabbi Arush says those lies are lies, yes, indeed.
    May I add that since I stopped lying like that my mind is so much clearer and I have improved my memory and my Hebrew (my fourth language) had been weak and has improved amazingly. My memory has become sharper.
    And my weight has gone done and I look much slimmer and I just sit while others eat and I don’t nudnick myself in front of food.

  6. Exactly. I often see I am just not me. I became not me about 33 years ago, when I stopped waking up and having obsessions about what I will and won’t eat day after day for over a decade. It just started my day on such a stressful footing.
    Then this new relief, where I order food by a cafe or sit by my home at a Sabbath meal and look over the plates to see people and hear them and walk away not stuffed.
    There is more to say. But you have a good start and it was not a diet per se, so you can eat your Atkins or your South Beach, but the fact is you will not gain the weight after you lose it, no matter what your diet, as you have these attitudes and more now.
    Rabbi Arush adds that even if you diet and get to your perfect weight and even if you have surgery to make yourself not overeat and you get slim, you will gain the weight back, if you lie and get angry and let come out of your mouth bad speech.
    It is a sophisticated framework I am simplifying. The depth of Faith in God is underlying this all. This is all part of your learning how to have personal prayer in your daily life: Garden of Emuna and its companion reader In Forest Fields.
    Good luck reading and spending an hour talking to God, you are on your way to weighing your ideal weight. Comment here about your experiences and success, I
    wish to hear from you!

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