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What an amazing product line!  The Baby Oil has lavender and many other gentle and soothing oils and natural ingredients.  You must buy it and use to take off make-up, or lubricate your neck and face and body, or use for massaging muscles after exercise or before bed.  The many other products by FARAN are  on their website for sale–www.FARAN-COSMETICS.COM

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MITZPE RAMON is near Sde Bokek and not far from Beersheva.  It is a wonder of nature with a crater that is natural,  not from a meteor.  The desert area with the Ramon crater is a canyon type desert landscape with gorgeous beauty and silence and visitor touring center.  Jeep rides are available.  I did this and it was fun and interesting with ADAM giving us the geology lecture on the bottom of the crater.  Stunning to view, to photograph, to sit and ponder the endless wonder of sky and hills and cliffs and desert.

Kosher is not always easy to keep.  It means not eating pork in a public restaurant.  It means not eating shrimp or sushi with crabmeat.  It means not eating cheese with meat.

So WHAT can you eat?  Susie Fishbein has a great bunch of cookbooks to give you hundreds of great recipes that are 100 per cent kosher and so delicious and elegant.  But then again there are endless foods you can eat that are kosher in your home or in a kosher restaurant.

Where are kosher restaurants?  In major cities in the U.S. and Europe, S. Africa, Australia and parts of Asia and all over Israel.  There are Apps on I Phone with kosher restaurants!  Check them out.  An Orthodox Jewish Rabbi has to oversee the restaurant, in order for the food to be kosher.  There are foods in stores with kosher emblems, that means the factory or kitchen was kosher and the emblem was put on with the approval of an Orthodox Jewish rabbi as an individual or with an organization (team of rabbis).

Some famous organizations include OU, OK, Chof K, Eidus Hareidi, to list only a few.

Kosher is something that is part of laws of dietary matters for Jews, as given to Mose by God in the Five Books of Moses.  They are detailed and include many things such as how to slaughter animals and which animals are kosher and how to then prepare the animals.  There are produce from trees and the ground that are permitted only when checked that they have no bugs or worms.  The checking is also set down with rabbis able to teach us the particulars.

Kosher requires care and time and learning.  It is finite, but does seem a bit endless.  There are foods not permitted on the holiday of Passover.

There are foods that cannot be prepared one day a week, Sabbath.  For example, you cannot take a raw steak and barbecue it on Saturday afternoon.  Even if the steak was slaughtered in the kosher way.

So if you are interested in Kosher, you can learn from an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi. and other websites have qualified Orthodox Jewish rabbis with the information at their fingertips.

Why eat kosher?  Because God told Jews to eat kosher and we wish to serve God and follow His laws/commandments/mitzvos!


Pray for Jonah’s success (see   letter to you about details) Bullying Jonah organization may cause world destruction as Jonah is all about the right to decide to abandon same sex attraction.  The U.S. court system as it stands has often championed homosexuality as the new option.  However, this is a wild idea full of immorality.  The fact that a person decides to be homosexual need not be championed as ideal, even in a world of freedom.  Sometimes freedom to do anything can fall into freedom to do destruction.

I am not saying that a person cannot be homosexual.  Of course, if that is what a person is doing, then that is what they are being.  Now if a person is doing homosexual acts and wants it to be considered normal and fine, then having the legal system say it is fine might be a very wise solution.

There was a time that no one was allowed to marry out of their religion.  There was a time no one could be black and marry a white person in places in U.S.  So many times there are traditions and laws that existed and that were changed.  Thus, laws can change and do.

However, as a basic right anyone who says he is homosexual and wishes to stop having same sex attraction, this is so suitable for the laws that the U.S. and Europe had for thousands of years.  However, now with so many powerful and wealthy people pushing homosexuality as a option for life-style, a strange thing happened that the right to STOP having the same sex attraction has been battled, so  that the courts want to say YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SAY YOU CAN HELP A PERSON TRYING TO ABANDON SAME SEX ATTRACTION IN HIS/HER LIFE.

As this is the problem now, so this above is trying to ask you: pray that people can turn to JONAH and not have JONAH organization destroyed by the court and the many lawyers.  Boy, have they a lot of money to try to end JONAH.  And who are they?  They are some large organizations pro-homosexuality.

I know is here to promote morality.  So one of the Noahide laws says that homosexual behavior is against the morality of the universe: it is part of the Seven Noahide Laws–one cannot do homosexual acts and that is how it is.  Of course, as Rabbi Aaron Feldman, the Orthodox Jewish rabbi, says: one can think about wanting to have homosexuality but one cannot do anything about it.  Thinking is not doing.

One might think to steal a great diamond bracelet, that can be possible yet no one is allowed to steal a thing from another person.

So it is thinking happens…and that is for all mankind.  But acting on such thoughts is prohibited.  A man should have a woman as a sexual partner and they must be interested in permanent relationship and aim to have children.  Sexuality is not a sport, nor a big opened option for all types of levels.

letter for you

September 2014: Jonah is an active organization with a mission to offer homosexuals an option to leave their same sex attraction for heterosexual attraction.  They have been bullied by individuals and groups to the point of almost destroying the Jonah organization.  to reach Jonah Organization:

For more information or to support JONAH, Please contact us.
Phone: 201-433-3444 Email:
Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 313 Jersey City, NJ, 07303 USA

Dear Friends,  (see JONAH unwanted same sex attraction)

This note was received from Alan Downing, one of the parties being sued, reporting on the litigation. We believe it is an important request to share it with all of you.  We ask that you please read it and keep Alan and the entire JONAH team in your prayers.

I am writing today with an urgent request for your fasting and prayers this weekend and in the week to come.  We are at a critical point in the court case.   The judge will be making decisions that are fundamental, not only regarding whether or not we go to trial, which is pretty much assumed at this point, but more importantly regarding limitations that will be placed on our attorneys during the anticipated trial that will make our defense far more difficult.  The details of what happened are as follows.


I spent Friday morning with Arthur Goldberg, Elaine Berk, and our attorneys Charles LiMandri and Mike Laffey.  We were in court with two of the five plaintiffs and fourteen of their attorneys. We were there to hear the judge determine who amongst the plaintiffs and defendants expert witnesses would be allowed to testify in the trial, currently scheduled for April. The result of today’s ruling is that the judge has denied our motion (the defendants) to exclude their (the plaintiffs) expert witnesses and has taken under advisement the plaintiffs motion to deny the defendants expert witnesses the right to testify at trial. The judge expects to rule on the plaintiffs’ motion by next Thursday when we will be back in court so the judge can hear oral arguments around two additional motions one from the plaintiffs for partial summary judgment and one from the defendants for summary judgment.  The judge sent some very clear messages today in his ruling and statements.  


These include:
– This case will be tried as a simple and straightforward consumer fraud action
– The judge does not appear to see this case as impacting freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and seems to want to avoid any “politicization” of the issues
– That the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistics  Manual) and the opinion of mainstream mental health organizations regarding homosexuality is definitive and carries the weight of scientific fact, even if those statements were based more on political pressure than scientific proof. We will not be allowed to litigate the validity of the APA’s and other organizations positions

The most significant issue that has come out of yesterday’s hearing and that will also be addressed in next week’s hearing is the contention on the part of the plaintiffs that since the majority of mental health and medical organizations have said that homosexuality is not “disordered”, therefore to say or even imply that about homosexuality should be considered fraudulent speech and thus a violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.  This ruling, if it goes in favor of the plaintiffs, will have a major impact on our case and perhaps more importantly on anyone who holds an opinion around homosexuality that runs contrary to the opinion held by the APA, AMA, ACA, etc . . .  


While we are confident that we can show that statements describing homosexuality as a mental disorder or illness were not made by the defendants, or were taken out of context, a ruling favoring the plaintiff’s motion would nonetheless make the job of disproving consumer fraud much more difficult as it might even impact what our fact witnesses, who have benefited from this work, will be able to say in their testimony. More importantly, such a ruling will set the precedent that can and will be followed by other courts and legislatures to inhibit the work of other individuals and organizations. 


People Can Change / Journey into Manhood came up again during yesterday’s hearing, in that the plaintiff’s see Jonah and PCC as one in the same.  Up to this point we have no indication that the judge will prevent them from establishing that connection in the minds of the jurors.  It isn’t a far stretch to see how other organizations like Northstar, and even religious organizations could ultimately be impacted by the direction that this ruling is currently headed, where to express an opinion that runs contrary to “mainstream” thinking is viewed as consumer fraud. 


So as I said at the outset of this email, I am writing today to ask if you would keep us in your prayers and make our cause a part of your fast this weekend.  We are deeply in need of G-d’s intervention that somehow He will influence the judge’s thinking and not let this attack on free speech and freedom of choice go any further. 

– Please pray for our attorneys who are valiantly fighting this battle on all of our behalf, despite limited time and resources.  They are not unlike the army of Gideon who went up to battle against the Midianites (Judges 7) with a small force and the power of G-d behind them.  Please pray that G-d shows his hand soon.
– Please pray that the judge will let our experts testify.
– Please pray that the judge will not make this incredible leap that would make stating an opinion that is not endorsed by the DSM fraudulent speech.
– Please pray for our cause and the men and women whom we serve, who want and need the freedom to work out their internal conflicts in the way that honors their beliefs and values.

The judge could have ruled on the motion to exclude our witnesses yesterday.  We believe he was ready to do so and yet he hesitated and deferred his decision.  Were the arguments of our attorneys so compelling?  We think they were.  Did he need to find more solid legal precedent?  We think he did.  Does he need to consult with colleagues?  Perhaps and we hope so that he might hear opinions that will increase his options in carrying out justice.  Was the spirit of G-d present and working on his conscience?  We can only hope, but we do know that like Gideon, we are not fighting this battle alone.  


Though the court was adjourned yesterday, the work of convincing the judge is not over.  Please fast and pray that a miracle will occur, that the Judge will be blessed with wisdom and discernment as he grapples with this decision and of course for the will of G-d to be accomplished. Thank you for your prayers and on-going support and for fighting alongside us in this battle. 


In brotherhood, Alan    to reach Jonah Organization: For more information or to support JONAH, Please contact us.
Phone: 201-433-3444 Email:
Mailing Address: P.O. BOX 313 Jersey City, NJ, 07303 USA






In the U.S. the stunning of an animal in order to then slaughter it for meat is a common method.  In exactness it means the animal is not dead, when the limbs are removed.

So if someone is eating that meat, say leg of lamb, or thigh of beef from a cow, these limbs were removed before the animal was dead.  The animal was stunned first and then slaughtered.  Thus, the Noahide law of do not eat the limb of a live animal is relevant.   You see that the meat eaters are eating the limb of a live animal.

Probably no one would read that law and think they could ever do such a thing like eat the limb of a live animal.  But there you are, the animal was stunned, then the pieces of the animal were cut up and the slaughter of the animal was not completed.  The animal was alive when the limbs were removed.  Anyone eating those limbs even weeks later was eating a limb from an animal that was not killed when the limb was removed.

Therefore, much of the slaughter houses are working on the theory of stunning the animal in order to be ‘kind’ yet the laws of Noahide are being desecrated.  Sometimes people are well meaning and drop age old morality codes.  For example, the animal is stunned and later slaughtered.  But this is not how the universal laws, i.e. the Noahide codes, are set up for practice.  These age old morality codes, the Noahide laws, are not primitive.  They are the source of morality for the human race and not to be tampered with.  The above information is to expose to you the desecration and in this way you can change the operations of the meat business in the U.S.  to follow the Noahide laws.  The stunned animal is not the universal code method and get your local food businesses to return to the Noahide code methods of slaughtering animals for meat eating.  (Reach us at for guidance.)

In we have a thrust to introduce the discrepancies between what modern thinking invents as moral.   We are not chained to self-serving morality.  The modern thinker may have a gut feeling, but facts might get in his way.  History is something that is very exact.  What worked for thousands of years based on the source of God is nothing small or petty.  What needs to be done is to master the understanding of history and mankind’s morality.  It is a deep concept and feely touchy gut ideas are not to be taken seriously.  Step into the world of thoughtfulness and the Noahide Codes that God gave to mankind.

But people do take the feely touchy things seriously unfortunately.  Sometimes leaders and media take it upon themselves to pontificate what is politically correct, abandoning morality by God.   Let us introduce to your the above information and go to for any questions and we can field your concern to experts in science and universal modes of morality (i.e. Noahide laws).  Thank you!

European market photograph by Meir  Simcha Sokol, may his neshama have an alliyah

European market
photograph by Meir Simcha Sokol, may his neshama have an alliyah

Garden of Emuna, book by Rabbi Shalom Arush, translated (into English) by Rabbi Lazer Brody,

Faith is Emuna. Emuna is the Hebrew word for faith.  But Rabbi Arush does not just define faith/emuna.  His book Garden of Emuna is a road to true faith of the upper level.  It will not come to you by reading the book in a day.  But you can get from the book tools for you to become a man or woman with faith, true and deep emuna/faith!  And what that will do for you will give you a road of success.  And is all about me, Chana Tova, your grandma on the web,  giving you every tool to become a success!

Emuna has a few steps, which Garden of Emuna describes: step one is to spend an hour a day talking to God.   The book suggests doing so alone in a forest, on a path that is not full of people, in your bed alone in your room, or in bed under the covers with no loud whispering, but talking to God.

You are talking to yourself and God is hearing you say the four steps over an hour period.  Step one: thank God for everything.  Even, says Rabbi Lazer Brody, things like ‘thank You, God, that I am ill with this serious disease.’

Yes!  Just say thank You to God for everything!

After about 10 minutes of this, including, thank You, for your feet and for your heart beating and on and on.

Then Step two: pray for others.  Pray for people you barely know.  Pray for Israel.  Pray, for example, for all the people in the hospital in your town.  Pray for someone your heard about who is very ill or who has a serious debt and seems to have no hope of paying off his debts.  Just pray for people and ask God to help them.

Then Step three: ask God to forgive you for the wrong behavior you had in the last few days.  Maybe you overate or you were nasty to some loved one, or you spent loads of time thinking how you really feel you want to be in charge and not have God in charge.  Apologize to God about it and ask Him to help you so you don’t have to apologize about this again next week.  Or maybe ask God to forgive you for something you did years ago and it occurred to you only recently that it was really a disgusting thing to do.  Just think of things you might need to be sorry for doing.   Every day it could be something else or something on the same theme every day.  You know.

Then Step four: Ask God for something you want.  Maybe you want to stop being so angry, but don’t know how?  Maybe you want to wake up early every day and just get to work on time, ask God for help.  Whatever you want, ask for one thing of God, to have Him get it for you.

The Step five: Work on yourself to have more emuna/faith.  G-d, if faith means that I have these disappointments because You made these things happen to me, then let me understand it is truly from You and not because of my boss or my neighbors or my mother or my enemies.  It is YOU.   Let me deepen my faith in You.  That will give me such peace of mind and sanity.

These are the five steps and in a nutshell they all revolve around the Five Books of Moses with service to God using our Sabbath and our commandments as garments to wear in our lives.  There is even the Garden of Emuna/Faith by Rabbi Arush for people who are NOT Jewish!!!!  So that works perfect for our Noahide gentiles!!!!! which means you and I can give this book to anyone in the world, not just Jews!!!  Faith for one and all to hold onto!!!!

It is all about loving every Jew.  It is all about loving the nation of Israel.  So where does it start?  You see a man on the street that looks unkempt and you know he is a Jew and you feel angry about his appearance.  You read about a rich and fancy family and know they are Jewish and think badly about them, judging them as show offs.  You are Jewish and find you are doing it one way and other Jews do Judaism in a way you dislike or disapprove of.  Why don’t they do it like you?  I even think sometimes people see I am Jewish and disapprove of me and want to tell them I am just fine.  So all this is really not about loving every Jew.  What can be done?

G-d set the world up to give us so much splendor, so much purpose, so much to celebrate about.  And then we have frustrations and illnesses to manage in our lives and that makes for such a struggle.  The world is not mine to direct, you realize!

So how can you and I always love this world and always love every Jew.

And why should we have all this love, anyhow?

Because that is what life is all about.  Life includes death and illness and great happiness and dealing with the good times which are woven into daily challenges and disappointments.  That is life.  The management of this all is via serving God with happiness!  And The Chofetz Chaim wrote books to guide us to live a successful life serving God.  The books included Chofetz Chaim and Shmiras Haloshon.  Both books are set up in daily use via a website    This website is part of the organization that promotes the Chofetz Chaim’s writings.  Chofetz Chaim was a man with a full name of Rabbi Israel Meir HaCohen Kagan.  He authored books and one of the titles became his ‘name’.  Chofetz Chaim is one of his stunning books and it became his ‘name’, so to speak.  But if you name your son after him, the name will be Yisroel Meir (Israel Meir, English version).

Anyhow, we are all about love and success in this website  That is why I bring to your attention the website and organization  It will be a tool for you to study 5 minutes a day the laws that the website offers per day.  And the 5 minute readings on their website can be emailed to you to read and study.  These laws enhance your day and alert you to your speech.  In this way you and I can talk with no anger, with more gentle phrasing of our thoughts, with our thoughts altered to start being only positive about other people and ourselves.  It becomes a matter of training to become a kinder person.  Then the next thing happens: you and I have more love and less anger throughout the day.  It makes for better spouse relationship, better child-parent conversations and a world of love among each other.

So take time to study the laws of forbidden speech by the Chofetz Chaim.  The books are in many languages, not only English and Hebrew.  So you can tell you friends from around the world of this great tool: reading laws about forbidden speech.

Good luck and make our world better, direct it towards proper speech and love of one another.   and view topics on love and kindness:  Prayer, Prayer 101, Psalms, Faith


Topic: Birkat Hacohanim (birkat hacohanim, bircas hakohen, birkas hakohen, birkas hacohn, three-fold priestly blessings)

Synopsis: Birkat HaCohanim is an interesting issue for anyone in the world.  It is designed to publicize to all Orthodox Jewish men that there be duchening during our daily shacharis all over the world immediately and permanently.  It includes non-controversial solutions (point 1A and 2A).  There is  a request for Gadolim to formally institute the duchening. ( Terms for those who are not Orthodox Jewish are explained, but not in any detail.)  May this essay be read with love and yirei shomayim as it was written with love and yirei shomayim.  Its target is to usher in the meshiach.


In speaking with Rabbi Yitzchak Sokol, esteemed Orthodox Jewish rabbinical scholar, I was reminded of the project to get the duchening of the cohanim called birkat hacohanim instituted for daily shacharis in all Orthodox Jewish synagogues (i.e. shuls–I like to use the Yiddish word shul) outside of Israel.

Birkat HaCohen is ‘duchening‘.  Birkat is the Hebrew word for Blessing of  and HaCohen is Hebrew for The Priests.   Duchening is the Hebrew word duchen with an English ending  ING to make the word a gerund/noun.  Duchening is when a cohen stands in front of the congregation in shul saying the three-part blessings to the congregants.  (See the transliterated words  and English translation below in Section A.)  If you have ever met up with a Jewish man with the last name of Katz or Cohen, it is likely that such a person might be  a descendent of the  cohen/priest family.  Aron, the famed saint from the Five Books of Moses, was the brother of Moses.  Aron was bestowed with the priesthood by God, in brief he inherited the priesthood and his descendants to this day are categorized as priests.  Aron, therefore, was the first cohen/priest of the Jewish nations.  Although priest in the English language conjures up a Roman Catholic father, the priest for Jews is nothing of the kind.  The Hebrew word COHEN will be used for our essay below.  (This essay has no interest in explaining cohen, and all terms, but is out to describe the steps needed to now institute birkat haCohanim.)

The Vilna Gaon said that when birkat haCohenim is done at shacharis minyanim all around the world, then what will follow will be the meshiach.  This is a tall order, indeed.

I heard this over 15 years ago by Rabbi Sokol and it was a pressing issue then as well as now.    Recently I heard this again by Rabbi Sokol and decided to act on it by writing the below as a START.  No gadol is authorizing this international duchening as of 2014 and,too,  the Vilna Gaon during his lifetime was frustrated by his hard core efforts to get this happening, to put it mildly.  The Vilna Gaon failed in getting the duchening instituted 1. in all Orthodox Jewish shuls around the world  2. for daily shacharis minyanim.  Why would the Vilna Gaon emphasize this?  He was a halacha man.  So we are not talking about a feely touchy fun addition to our morning community prayers.  No, this is halacha.   And our sages explain that birkat hacohen is required halachically in daily shacharis prayer services, so its absence is shocking.

What can be done?  First let us see about the places that DO duchen daily.

1.  Weekday sharcharis duchening is now done in most Orthodox Jewish shuls (i.e. congregation of at least 10 men in prayer)  in Israel, which is certainly so desirable!!!!

2.  In Sephardi minyanim all over the world it is also done daily.

And back to WHAT CAN BE DONE?

1A. There are a few options: have ten Sephardi men join a Chasidish or Litvish, or Yeshivish minyan and they can duchen daily.

2A.   Or have a shul with a second shul room with open access to the shul.  In that second room have the Sephardi minyan and during duchening they would have the praying time coordination so they could duchen at the same time that the non-Sephardi minyan meets up with the point to duchen. Thus for the Litvish or Chasidish or whatever non-Sephardi minyan that does not do the duchening daily, they would hear the duchening of the Sephardim in the next room with the door wide open, sharing these blessings.

Any ideas would be ideal.  Getting a ‘posuk din’ by a gadol who would make it a shoe in and universal would be ideal.  Can that happen?  At the time of writing this essay it has not happened.   That  all Orthhodox Jewish men around the world have shacharis duchening  daily would also be vital, but can this happen spontaneously and without any any any controversy.   In this way above steps 1 and 2 would not be necessary and let us pray it happens soon. here.

Of course, there are minyanim where no one there is a cohen.  In such case there can be not duchening.  Preplanning is done in many shuls.  For example, outside of the land of Israel there was an Ashkenazi  minyan.  They knew they had no cohanim and so they requested a cohen come from a mile away to their shul for the high holidays.  It required preplanning with phone conversations.  The cohen did come for the mussaf duchening.

I was in Jerusalem on Shabbat and there was no cohen in the shul and thus no duchening.  I was floored and left before mussaf to find a shul with a cohen in order to get the blessings.  This was not necessary, probably, but I just am mentioning how around the world even with birkat cohanim for daily shacharis no cohen in the minyan is a possibility.  My husband told me that has occurred in his minyan for daily shacharis in Jerusalem.  So we are trying to get birkat hacohanim daily and that is the thrust.

Below is a song with a spirit to get everyone promoting the Birkat HaCohanim for daily prayers:  ( Hopefully it will be on a CD with this message and rekindle heartfelt interest in this three-fold blessing.  The song will be part of great publicity for all to sing with joy and lead to instituting the Birkat Hacohanim once and for all.)

Asher kiddishanu be’kedshato shel Aron v’zeevanu l’vrech et ahmo yisroel b’ ahavah.

Yevarechecha Hash-m v’yishmarecha   amen

Ya air Hash-m panav aylacha v’hoonecha   amen

Yisah Hash-m panav alecha v’yasem l’cha shalom   amen

Family of Israel peace to you all, Let us not stumble, let us not fall.

Mighty on High bestow on us peace, this is Your promise, enemies cease.

Crumbling values, Sabbath ignored, but enclaves of Jews still are on board.

Jewish men mornings gather in prayer, tefillin they lay, tallis they wear.

You’re waking us up, with pains, they sting.  Vilna Gaon tells us, bring Birkat Kohanim.

Jewry’s Gadolim renew G’d’s esteem, Institute all shuls, Birkat Kohaneeem

Birkat Kohaneem

Shacharis with Litvacheeem, Birkat Kohaneeem, daily morning duchening, birkat kohanim, every Chasid joi-oy-ning (joining), Birkat Kohanim, London, Melbourne, L.A., Queens.

Birkat Kohaneeeem, Vilna Gaon points the way, Birkat Kohanim, he says geulla will follow right away.

Birkat Kohaneeem, bless all Jews with peace daily shachareeeace… peace, peace, peace, shachareace, redemption.

Birkat Kohanim, Jo-berg, Moscow,  U0000man, Birkat Kohanim, not just on Yom tooveem, birkat Kohanim, Montrel and Budpest, Birkat Kohanim, Lakewood kolel Duchening.

B’Ahava  B’Ahava B’Ahava      written by Chana Tova Sokol your grandma on the web at in the merit of the meshiach’s arrival and resurrection


Asher kiddishanu be’kedshato shel Aron v’zeevanu l’vrech et ahmo yisroel b’ ahavah.

Yevarechecha Hash-m v’yishmarecha   amen

Ya air Hash-m panav aylacha v’hoonecha   amen

Yisah Hash-m panav alecha v’yasem l’cha shalom   amen

Translation of above Hebrew words which are in transliteration form:

“Blessed are You, Hash-m, our G-d, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with the sanctity of Aron (Aaron/Aharon) and instructed us to bless His people Israel with love.

May Hash-m bless you and safeguard you. Amen.

May Hash-m shine His countenance upon you and be gracious to you.  Amen.

May Hash-m turn His countenance to you and establish for you peace.  Amen” (page 129, The Breslov Siddur–detailed below)

(English translation from page 129, Schonfeld Family Editon, The Breslov Siddur, translated and annotated by Rabbi Avraham Sutton,  Breslov Insights by Chaim Kramer, (Breslov Research Institute, Jerusalem/NY, 2014.)

Let it be clear that this essay has presented inspiration and information so that: All Orthodox Jewish men can institute duchening during our daily shacharis  all over the world immediately and permanently.